Cappadocia (Kapadokya) weather forecast

Cappadocia, located in central Anatolia, has a steppe climate.  There is a significant temperature difference between day and night.  Enclosed on both along the Northern and Southern coasts by mountain ranges, the area receives very little rain throughout the year. 

Both the summer and winter season can have severe heat and cold.  Cappadocia has four seasons.  Winter lasts from December to February, with an average temperature of -2 degrees Celsius.  There is usually snow accumulation of approximately 20-30 cm, but will not hinder sightseeing tours conducted in the area.  Activities specific to this season are, skiing at Mt. Erciyes (Argeus) and ATV (quad) tours through snowy fields.

Spring begins in March and lasts until May and the average temperature for this season is approximately 15 degrees Celsius.  This is also the time where the region gets most of its rainfall.  However, this rainfall comes in short intervals, and lasts on average for only approximately 2 hours.  The activities most suitable for this season are cycling and hiking.

Summer is between June and August.  Summers in Cappadocia are very hot, where daytime temperatures can rise up to 38 degrees Celsius.  Showers come across this region only about once or twice a month during this time.  However, due to the Steppe climate, nighttime temperatures fall back down into the 20's.  Cappadocia Cave hotels are recommended especially for this season, since the cave rooms remain cool throughout the day.

Autumn starts in September and ends in November, and is the high season for Cappadocia travel.  Average temperature is in the 20's.  Activities in Cappadocia recommended for this season are horseback riding, ballooning, and hiking.

The best recommended seasons for travel to Cappadocia are the spring and autumn months when temperatures remain relatively moderate.  However each season in Cappadocia has its specific charms and makes it a perfect destination for travel throughout the year.

Hot Air Balloon Tours in Cappadocia

Standard Balloon Flight
The standard balloon tour is the most common activity in Cappadocia. Total tour time is about 3 hours which 1 hour is the flight time. Duration of the flight can change by 5 - 10 minutes depending on the availability of landing area
Comfort Flight
If you want flexibility and style during your balloon tour the comfort flight is the best for you. Even two people less in the basket makes difference. Baskets which are used on Comfort flights are not more than 16 passenger size.   
Deluxe-Long Balloon Flight
The Deluxe-Long Flight Package is a world class ballooning experience for those guests who want it all and more. There will be no more than 16 people in the basket of this one and half hours unforgettable balloon ride.    


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