Question  1 :  What happens on the morning?

Question  2 :  Why do flights take place so early in the morning?

Question  3 :  Can we sit in the basket during the flight?

Question  4 :  What about bad weather?

Question  5 :  When don't you fly?

Question  6 :  What if I'm afraid of heights (acrophobia)?

Question  7 :  Will I be airsick?

Question  8 :  How far will we fly?

Question  9 :  What will we see?

Question  10 :  Are discounts available for groups or children?

Question  11 :  What should I wear?

Question  12 :  Where do we take off and where do we land?

Question  13 :  How long is the whole ballooning experience?

Question  14 :  Can I just show up for a flight or do I need to make reservations?

Question  15 :  Can anyone fly. How about pregnant and people with medical conditions and/or disabilities?

Question  16 :  Can children go on balloon tours?

Question  17 :  Why are flights sometimes cancelled in good weather conditions?

Question  18 :  How safe is ballooning?

Question  19 :  How many people can take a balloon ride at one time?

Question  20 :  Reservation (How to book ?)

Question  21 :  Can I see the sunrise during the balloon flight?

Hot Air Balloon Tours in Cappadocia

Standard Balloon Flight
The standard balloon tour is the most common activity in Cappadocia. Total tour time is about 3 hours which 1 hour is the flight time. Duration of the flight can change by 5 - 10 minutes depending on the availability of landing area
Comfort Flight
If you want flexibility and style during your balloon tour the comfort flight is the best for you. Even two people less in the basket makes difference. Baskets which are used on Comfort flights are not more than 16 passenger size.   
Deluxe-Long Balloon Flight
The Deluxe-Long Flight Package is a world class ballooning experience for those guests who want it all and more. There will be no more than 16 people in the basket of this one and half hours unforgettable balloon ride.    


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